Gutter and UPVC


The guttering and down pipes on your property are responsible for ensuring that water runs away from your property. Should they become blocked over time with debris, any water that floods over can enter your properties brickwork and foundations, potentially resulting in damp. With some easy, straight forward maintenance, this can be avoided.
We use the latest technology to clear gutters using high power vacuum suction and extending carbon fibre poles to reach over conservatories and up to four stories high all from the safety of the ground.

Benefits –

  • NO MESS! It sucks gutters clean using a powerful wet & dry vacuum system
  • No need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment
  • On board camera for precision cleaning and imagery for customer peace of mind
  • Allows access to restricted areas


One of the most expensive things on a home can be the windows, doors and conservatory, so why neglect them?Algae and lichen thrive in the damp British climate, and can quickly stain the once pristine PVC on your homes exterior, making the whole building look shabby – but we can help!

Firstly, we would treat the affected area using a soft wash bio-cleanse. This is fully biodegradable formula that does not bio-accumulate and is Ph neutral, thus killing algae and lichen.

Then we use our high reach “water fed pole” to clean away the grime quickly & effectively before applying a second treatment to prevent re growth of any micro-organism.